About us

Hello, I am Colin. Having been keen on photography from an early age it only seemed right that since leaving full time education that I should work in the photographic industry. I started at a small photographic studio where I ran the black and white darkrooms along with assisting in the studio. From here I moved to a major professional photographic laboratory, whilst there I became the first colour printer to gain an associateship to the RPS in colour printing. I have in addition to this worked for a well known used camera dealer and at this time also taught photography and printing for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

I work in both analogue and digital, using all formats of film camera from 35mm up to and including 5 x 4. In addition to this I also take photographs using conventional digital and a specially converted full spectrum digital camera that enables me to capture images in infra red.

My cameras are seldom seen without a STC filter in use. Having tested a good number of their filters this has enabled me to build a great working relationship with the company over the past few years.